Black Ice & Fire


James Kelly is  a writer living in Northern California; Mr. Kelly has been a journalist for Gannet, and a Travel Book Editor, and worked for the Forest Service in environmental planning in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.  Now, retired Mr. Kelly lives and writes poetry by the Sacramento River and is working on a novel.

Black Ice &  Fire, is James Kelly’s third book of poetry. These poems were written between 1976 and  2014.  James Kelly’s poems have appeared in the following publications: Westwind Review, Ashland, Oregon; Open Sky Seattle; Siskiyou  Journal  Ashland, Oregon; Don’t Read This, Ashland, Oregon; Table Rock Sentinel, Medford, Oregon; Poetry Motel,  Duluth, Minnesota. Poems for a Scorpio Moon & Others, Ashland, Oregon; The Red Gate & Other Poems; a hand-set letter press chapbook published by  Cowan & Tetley; 1984, Vancouver, B.C. All rights have been returned to author and all poems herein, Copyright 2014 James Ross Kelly, all rights reserved, no film, digital, or print reproductions without author’s written permission, except for brief excerpts for review.

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2 thoughts on “Black Ice & Fire

  1. Glad to see you are amounting to something though it pains me to see that you have settled in Calif. Look us up if you pass through
    Gold Hill. Phone # is still the same.

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