I will continue to seek visions and count on my friends to know everything

I dreamed I was in 1962, in a department store dressing room
w/ Lana Turner,  or someone who said she was, & who told me she had to adjust
her nylon stocking and didn’t mind
if I looked–and I awoke and remembered that year
I had been in a desk behind the cloak room in my
eighth grade English teachers classroom
(who hated me, and whose name I’ve long ago forgotten)
I’d been put there for being a smart ass
& was napping & Joanie & Janet, whom I had known
since they were girls,   came back there, but that year they were no longer girls,
& really did  adjust their stockings & they really  did let me watch,
skirts hiked up & looking athletic &  as they pulled on the
black back seamed nylons on their legs while hitching up garter belts
& I knew at that moment, there was something I had, that wouldn’t go away

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