He was Wild & Fierce

Someone asked me to reblog this, here you go..

Poems & Stories by James Ross Kelly--

Ah, he was always laughing &
it infuriated me, he
didn’t care it seemed about
anything other than hunting &
fishing & his damn goats,
I could never get him to help w/
the wheat more than an hour,

Oh, he’d take plenty when harvest came
& leave me some dried goat meat
or venison three months later, oh he’d always give
something, but he wouldn’t work..
Brags about it too, said he’d figured it
took him about 17 hours a week of scuffing up
his feet to get what they needed to eat, & sometimes
that is just fishing,

I admit I took it easy in the winter
but if I didn’t work 10 to 16 hours a day
we wouldn’t eat every day of the year, & well just look at what I’d done
I’d built irrigation canals, a barn, our home, I have slaves
my sons dress in cotton & we employ people at looms

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