“My Car” published at Silver Birch Press

My Car

by James Ross Kelly

At seventeen I was driving my

Newly restored & shiny red 1951 Henry J

I’d worked on for 3 years,

With its rebuilt, “Kaiser Supersonic 6”

Down Highway 62, it is 1967 &…

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4 thoughts on ““My Car” published at Silver Birch Press

    1. Wow good to hear from you, I replied to this apparently it did not take. Hoping all is well with you and yours and Ken! My email is Jkinak04@gmail.com. retired five years ago, last year was beating a bout of prostate Cancer with the help of Stanford cancer center. Last decade of work was in Alaska on an Island. California is actually too hot, thought I’d like a respite from the decade of 120 inches of rain per year. Married happily for about 10 years two sons doing relatively good, one in College engineering school in Portland, the other one pursuing the high wage of a Log scaler. No grandchildren save through my wife’s daughters. Life is reasonably good!


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