Why can’t we be open
Why can’t we be free
How many lies
Have been told about the tree?

It’s your turn to dodge
& my turn to see
Why can’t we be open?
Why can’t we be free?

What does philosophical,
Naturalism mean to a bee?
That’s why we can’t be open
Why we can’t be free?

Science done told us but
We’ve been unwilling to see,
We don’t need to be open
Nor necessarily free

Not much  hope nor cheer
Down that paved road
Where the cars are not
Lincolns & no one gets beer,

Conclusions cost money
& we’ve not believed what we’re told,
spent our money on pretension
& have given up the gold,
Why can’t we be funny
Never mind the free? or  is it locked up &
Inside us, as a sum of three?

They said, “Keep it in heaven if we
Can’t get it here,” but
Love only can bind us to a life giving tree

Longer I think
Clearer I see,
What we’ve taken for truth was not
Actually Thee?

Come on down once again & show us for free,
Ain’t got no help from these stumps in the ground
We’ve been cutting  importance
For so long, it can’t be found,

Why can’t we be open?
Why can’ we be free?
Please help us right now
& be as pleased as  can be.

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