Two voices

Two voices from a campfire
Long ago–or how,
According to Stumbling Bear, the dog
Animal came to run w/man

“Let us go kill this dog
animal/use his fur &
eat of his meat

we can trap him
with snares
for he is greedy
for offal from the kill

his fur is thick &
sticks tight to
the pelt.”

“No! He has keen
eyes of a hunter,
cares for his family
& is loyal to his mate,
he can smell the stag
two mountains away

Let us wait to
talk to him &
his wife, boast of
our kill, for this
year is very full

We will ask them
to run w/us, they
can smell out game,
eat their fill of gut
& then stay close

In the winter
when the herds are gone, then we can use their fur
& eat their tender children.”

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